Everyone needs a spa day

Our friend Derrick is a hairdresser, and when I told him Chloe's groomer was retiring and I was going to try to groom Chloe myself, he said, "I've been cutting hair for 30 years and I draw the line at pets. Everyone needs a spa day."

Nevertheless, I tried to clip Chloe's hair using an electric hair clipper. I read online it was ok to use human clippers on a small dog. I was careful and semi-successful, trimming her down nicely but not too short and sort of evenly. The ears I cut puppy style, on the short side, kind of like a bob for a dog. The top of her head I scissor cut but it wasn't perfectly round. And the face - well, I butchered that up real good, in my opinion. Gone was all semblance of Bichon-ness. She became a poodle. Not that poodle cuts are bad. Or maybe this was a puppy cut? The nails I trimmed a bit, but couldn't do really short for fear of cutting the quick. The ears I tried to pluck - but stopped short for fear of hurting her. The hair around her nails on her paws and between her pads, well - that never got done because I kept hearing Derrick's words in my head ...

"Everyone needs a spa day."

So off Chloe went to a new groomer. And they said she behaved well, while I think they did a great job. We call this Chloe's new outfit. I'm so glad we found a new groomer for Chloe. And in the meantime, between visits, maybe I'll give her a little trim or two. ; )

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The JR said...

I'm glad you found her a new groomer. She looks beautiful of course.