A cloudy day is wonderful for taking photographs

A cloudy day is wonderful for taking photographs. Everyone thinks a sunny day is better - but when the sun is hidden by a cloudy mist, the lighting is not so direct, not so harsh, and this time of year, when the flowers are in high bloom, colors POP. So out Chloe and I went, camera in hand. Chloe rode in her stroller parts of the way and walked the other parts, stopping with me to take photos of the beauty all around us. I logged a bunch of steps on my FitBit. It was good to be outside before the rain comes.


The JR said...

I'd smile too if I had that sweet partner to go on a walk with.

She's looking so beautiful.

Holly Loves Art said...

Lovely pictures! Yes indeed, the overcast weather is the BEST for picture taking. I love that lighting so much. Hope you're having a marvelous day.
Holly & Phoebe

Praveen RS said...

The dog is very beautiful such a cute dog
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