In Your Own Backyard

I like to keep my sneakers by the door and my camera handy for walks outside now that Spring is finally here and in full bloom. Oh, and the doggy stroller ... that's another bit of outdoor gear I need to have on the ready for a walk outside, too. Not for the dog - but for me. You see, my dog is a little Bichon Frise and while she is super fit and trim (like her owner), she can't really hoof it as far or as long as I can. She's quite the active one - does a lot of running and jumping in the house, and outside she's no slouch. So in addition to her regular walks, I take her (and myself) out for a stroller ride. That's my fluffy girl right down there in the blue stroller - lower right corner of the photo. She loves to sit and sniff and look at all the sites.

So out we go and right around the corner from us, we come upon a lovely splay of grape hyacinth. I didn't know that's what they are called until the lady who lives in the house where these pretty flowers are planted stepped outside after seeing me with my camera taking a close-up of the vivid purple delights. I learned the lady has a pond in her backyard and it is certified wildlife (bird?) something or another habitat. Whatever she said it sounded very impressive. And she told me about her massive koi fish and the extra pond plastic basins that she gave to her neighbors who also have wonderful water and garden projects in their backyards. It all was very interesting and made me think how happy I was to have gone outside that day.

Thought for the day: Sometimes, something delightful is in your own backyard. You don't have to look far.

But you do have to put your sneakers on!

See what unexpected things you can find
or that find you.

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Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

hehee, Chloe looks cute in her stroller

happy weekend